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About Creco Corporation

Creco Corporation has two manufacturing divisions, Creco Cast for small, precision, net shape custom zinc die castings and Nutco, manufacturers of special application panel nuts and special fasteners for niche markets. Located in Seville, Ohio (near Cleveland), Creco Cast and Nutco have established themselves in their markets with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel. To enhance this prowess, we are continuing to institute new procedures to upscale our capabilities including our quality control and just-in-time service.


Creco's customers are competing in an ever changing market. Not only are today's world markets demanding the givens - quality, price and service - but also our expertise in the design and manufacturing of their components. Creco must be in a position to accommodate their expectations.

What Makes Us Different

Creco’s "Blue Ribbon" concept is designed to ensure customer confidence through increased automation, Kan-ban, on time deliveries, and employee training. The "we care" philosophy provides customers with prompter response, greater design assistance and timely, more accurate quotations.

The Creco Cast Commitment to Technology

Creco Cast manufactures small & miniature precision zinc die castings using high volume, state-of-the art four slide zinc die casting technology. Four slide crosshead allows core pull movements to be economically incorporated into complex dies. The integrated hydraulic system provides consistent clamping pressure, fastest cycle speeds and highest quality. This commitment to technology allows us to produce net shape, flash free, multi cavity, thin wall precision zinc die castings while holding some of the best tolerances in the industry.